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Seraphyna: The Psychological Polywere
Friday, 2022-08-12, 3:34 PM
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It has come to my attention that apparently my beliefs are not entirely clear (and I haven't updated my personal identification here) so let's get to it.
I have officially taken the term 'polywere' as my title instead of polymorph. This is seemingly splitting hairs to some so they'll ask why and what does it matter. Well, a polymorph is commonly believed to be a spiritual being who is unlimited in forms it may take. As my 'other' types are all physical and I am limited to animals when I shift, polywere is much more fitting. While not all of my forms that are *me* are earthly animals, they're all non-magical, feral, animals. I suppose this brings me to 'what is *me*':
Views: 673 | Added by: Seraphyna | Date: 2012-09-12 | Comments (1)

The more time I spend in the greater otherkin community and the therian community, the more I feel like I don't have a home in either. I'm not a therian because my shifts aren't just earthly animals...and I'm not like most otherkin because of the whole psychological explanation thing...the hyper spiritual nature of most 'kin communities just doesn't fit and I find myself having nothing to say and people having little to say to me in either place. I make articles...and get no replies.
And it's not just online. I feel like I have no one who understands all of me. My friends here don't know about my beliefs, mainly because I know they wouldn't get it. The one person I'd most likely tell dated a guy in the past who identified as a fire elemental...and from her experience with him she has decided that everyone with those sort of beliefs is nuts. My friends who do know don't live near me. So I have no on ... Read more »
Views: 832 | Added by: Seraphyna | Date: 2012-05-24 | Comments (5)

A thread on a forum I belong to asks what moments of otherkin related happiness one has recently had. It occurred to me that my most recent moment of true happiness (and great achievement) had nothing to do with otherkin at all. I finished a half marathon yesterday...and surprisingly I had zero shifts along the way. It's especially suprising since I almost always have some form of shift when I run. Usually claws and teeth seemingly belonging to some flavor of large feline or the urge to track something down or just let loose and let fly. 
What really got me in thinking about it was that the entire race was a fully human experience, probably my first ever. I have no explanation for it, just th ... Read more »
Views: 565 | Added by: Seraphyna | Date: 2012-03-19 | Comments (1)

Here is my current identity crisis type thing...

I notice that as a polymorph, and a psychological one at that, I often can be what I feel I need to be or want to be, but I've kind of lost track of who I am...if that makes any sense. Like, my personality is maleable enough to the point where I notice that my personality often changes depending on who I'm around and I pick up on other people's accents and such...but under all the shifts in personality and so forth I can't honestly say who I am.

I feel like other people can list off what makes them who they are and traits they have, but I can't. I don't know what makes me me aside from the fact that I don't know. That I feel like I'm everyone and anyone, that I have the potential to be what someone wants me to be (with a few exceptions like I never know what to say to people to comfort them)...but don't know who *I* am.

Anyone else relate ... Read more »
Views: 760 | Added by: Seraphyna | Date: 2012-02-24 | Comments (2)