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Seraphyna: The Psychological Polywere
Wednesday, 2022-07-06, 7:02 PM
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An Overview

I suppose the information to include on this, the home page, is what this site is all about. It is a place for me to post my thoughts, articles, etc. on being otherkin. What are otherkin? Otherkin are people who identify as non-human beings on an intrinsic, internal, level. They usually identify with said non-human being on a spiritual or psychological level. I personally identify as being psychologically other, specifically a polymorph, due to a combination of abnormal brain wiring/chemistry and emotional adaptations to traumas from my youth. If you consider my beliefs to be "crazy," I assure you I've already considered that and encourage you to read no further and turn back now *unless* your mind is open enough to consider that maybe, just maybe, my identity has a chance at validity for you. If you're here to troll me, don't waste your time. Believe me, I've spent years going back and forth on my beliefs about myself to land me where I am today. No one has been or will be more critical of myself than myself. That disclaimer out of the way, you will find my blog and my articles concerning my current identity, experiences, and personal history on these pages. Please feel free to comment constructively and ask any questions you may have.